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Mercury Free Fillings Offer a Better Alternative

Mercury Free Fillings Offer a Better Alternative

In the health and wellness communities, the discussion around mercury and your health is ever-growing. Many doctors and nutritionists recommend limiting the amount of certain fish you consume or using products containing the element. The mercury debate has recently extended into the dental health community as well. An amalgam filling, or silver filling, consists of metals like tin, copper, and mercury. Though these fillings are the traditional means of preventing tooth decay, mercury free fillings provide an ideal alternative.

Amalgam fillings are durable, inexpensive and resistant to wear. As a result, they’ve been the go to for dentists for more than 150 years. Since mercury makes up over half of the composition of the amalgam used in fillings, they’re increasingly being viewed as a hazard to both dental and overall health.

Mercury free fillings

Due to mercury’s ability to be absorbed into the body through the mouth, many wonder if amalgam fillings can cause long-term damage. Thankfully, composite fillings are becoming increasingly popular, and offer a cost-effective and safe alternative to amalgam fillings. Composite fillings not only treat and prevent decay, they restore the function and beauty of teeth, creating a strong, natural-looking barrier. Dr. Lennie Wong, Dr. Lan Gao, and Dr. Hana Walkup practice the safe replacement of amalgam fillings with tooth-colored composite material.

Using a state-of -the-art mercury amalgam separator, doctors are able to remove the mercury from the suction line. The Beaverton Tendercare Dental team  gives each patient protective eye-wear, a nasal hood to breathe out of and a rubber damn that keeps the silver fillings away from the others. The result is a much safer procedure, and a much healthier patient.

Healthy tooth fillings

Regular dental checkups and cleanings can help your teeth continue to look their best. For the latest information about fillings, treatments and your specific needs, talk to your dentist. Have questions about what type of fillings you have in your mouth? We’re happy to talk to you about your specific concerns to help you a achieve a healthier smile. A professional can help you determine what procedures to schedule and how to maintain good oral health outside the office.

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