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Let Us

nurture your smile. and your world.

At Beaverton Tendercare, we never forget that our clients are people first, and patients second.

That means we care about more than just the smile. We care about the person behind the smile.

We know that a mouth full of healthy, beautiful teeth is just the beginning.
By nurturing your smile, we nourish your self esteem.

Your teeth may be our focus. But your happiness – your confidence – your wellness are our goals.

So we treat you less like a patient and more like a friend.
And friends take care of each other.

Yes, our highly trained, dedicated and professional staff is committed to providing
the best dental care you’ll find anywhere.

But that doesn’t keep us from sharing the occasional gardening tip or recipe.

It’s one of the many benefits of being a privately owned practice.

When you walk in our door, you’re met by a caring, friendly face. A warm smile.

And a sense that we’re genuinely happy to see you.

Because we are.

That’s the difference between caring about teeth and caring about people.

And that caring approach extends well beyond the walls of our practice.

As the first dental practice in Oregon to be awarded a Gold Certificate by the Eco Dentistry Association,
we’re helping lead the way to cleaner and greener practices for the entire dental industry.

Whether through our community involvement, or our industry-leading green practices,
we don’t simply say we care. We live it. Each and every day.

That’s why we say that at Beaverton Tendercare, we don’t just nurture your smile.

We nurture your world.