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Beaverton TenderCare Earns Eco-Dentistry Gold Level Certification

Beaverton TenderCare dental practice achieves charter certification from Eco-Dentistry Association

Beaverton TenderCare is one of the first 100 dental practices in the world to achieve the Eco-Dentistry Association’s Gold Certification, by successfully completing the EDA’s GreenDOC™ program. Only dental offices meeting the association’s highest standards of pollution prevention, waste reduction, water and energy conservation, and wellness-based practices qualify as EDA certified offices.

The EDA’s GreenDOC™ program contains over 80 eco-friendly initiatives that dental offices can implement, covering the physical office space, dental processes and materials, and administrative and community outreach methods used by the office. For example, Dr. Wong’s office uses digital imaging and digital patient charting, which reduces landfill waste and patient radiation exposure by as much as 90%, and has installed a special device capturing mercury-containing material before it enters local water supplies. Dr. Wong’s office implemented a wide range of initiatives listed in the GreenDOC program and achieved 298 points, allowing it to earn the Gold level, highest achievable level of Certification.

“We know that our environmental problems are serious and that each of us needs to do what we can to be part of the solution”, said Dr. Wong. “As an EDA Certified practice, we are able to continue to provide our patients with the highest quality of dental care while incorporating the highest standards of planetary care.” Beaverton TenderCare has incorporated nearly 80 initiatives within their practice to accomplish this recognition. Examples include: digital patient communication and insurance claims, paperless chart system, digital radiographs, energy efficient lighting, water saving practices and equipment, non VOC paint and flooring, drought resistant landscaping, implemented recycling and waste reduction programs, amalgam separator and safe disposal practices.

Patients like Cary H. really appreciate their efforts having said, “Dr. Wong’s staff is so very caring and customer service oriented. The whole team makes the dental experience so easy. The remodeled office is beautiful and very comfortable. Updating medical histories on the computer is so easy and efficient. I can’t think of a thing Dr. Wong and all could do to further enhance a dental check-up or follow-up work. Thank you all very much!”

“We applaud the efforts of Dr. Wong and his team, who are on the leading edge of dentistry’s green future”, remarked Dr. Fred Pockrass, a California dentist who co-founded the Eco-Dentistry Association. “It is our vision that one day all dentistry will be practiced in the earth friendly and patient-friendly way of Dr. Wong’s practice, Beaverton TenderCare.”

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