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Understanding and Protecting Yourself from Oral Cancer

At Beaverton TenderCare Dental, we check for oral cancer at every dental check-up appointment. Oral cancer is of the mouth or throat. Unfortunately oral cancer will cause over 9,750 deaths this year: killing roughly 1 person per hour, 24 hours per day. This type of cancer is easily treatable if it’s caught early. But it’s… Continue reading Understanding and Protecting Yourself from Oral Cancer

The Healthiest Food for Your Teeth

Poor dental health can lead to infections and other health risks. That’s why eating healthy is important to maintaining your smile. Learn more in this blog.

The Importance of Oral Health During Pregnancy

Maintaining good oral health during pregnancy is very important. Learn why in this blog.

The Effects of Sugar on Our Teeth

Now that Halloween has come and gone, leaving your kids with an abundant supply of candy, it’s important to review some topics related to oral hygiene – namely, the effects of sugar on your teeth.

Strange Dental Trends

It used to be that the only alterations that were made to your teeth were necessary ones. Before the latest trends in dental modification came along, people got their cavities filled, their cracked teeth fixed and maybe they got a bridge, but we never dreamed we’d be seeing things like jewels, grills and tattoos on teeth.