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10 Eco-friendly Tips For Your Teeth

Even a small effort can make a big difference in protecting Earth. By protecting your environment, you’re nurturing a healthier place to live, breathe and smile!


Here’s our 10 eco-friendly dental tips:


  1. Turn off the sink faucet while you brush your teeth. A simple turn of the wrist can save so much water, as much as 3,000 gallons per year, that would otherwise be wasted by leaving it running. Be sure to fix any faucet leaks also as they waste more water than you may think.
  2. Recycle responsibly! When picking out toothpaste, mouthwash, and floss at the store, look for products that are labeled as recyclable. Use up every last bit before recycling of them properly.
  3. Reuse or recycle your toothbrushes. They can be repurposed as useful cleaning brushes for jewelry, shoes, or around the house. Remember, we recommend replacing your toothbrush every 3 months.
  4. Microbeads are terrible for the environment and marine populations. They’re being phased out but many manufactured products are still on the shelves. Avoid buying toothpaste with microbeads.
  5. Conserve energy by brushing your teeth by natural lighting in the morning if possible. Choose to light your bathroom with energy-efficient lightbulbs such as halogen incandescents and LEDs. An energy-efficient fan is also recommended.
  6. Choose bathroom towels made from organic materials such as bamboo that are more sustainable.
  7. Clean your bathroom with green, non-toxic cleaners. These are better for the environment and better for your health. Ingredients commonly found in the home, like baking soda and vinegar, can be powerfully effective cleaners.
  8. Eating healthy can also mean eating for healthy teeth. Apples help to scrub plaque away on the surface of teeth. Other foods to promote good oral health include calcium-rich foods and phosphorus (in eggs, fish, and lean meat). Vitamin C found in citrus fruit and tomatoes helps to promote gum health.
  9. Choose to buy produce that is organic and in-season. This helps reduce the carbon footprint of transport.
  10. Visit a dentist that is eco-friendly like Beaverton TenderCare Dental! Our green policies and equipment conserve energy and prevent pollution. Beaverton TenderCare Dental was actually the first dental practice in all of Oregon to be awarding Gold Level Certification status as a GreenDoc office with the Eco-Dentistry Association.




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