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Beaverton TenderCare – Your Invisalign Preferred Provider

No matter what stage in life you’re in, Invisalign can positively improve how you look and feel about yourself. There is no need for brackets, wires, headgear or wax. The comfortable, form fitting, clear aligners gradually move your teeth into a healthy position. After your first consultation, you and your Beaverton TenderCare dentist will map out your treatment. We will give you a timeline outlining how many aligners you will have and when you will switch to the next set.


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Unlike metal braces, no pain is felt while your teeth are in movement. During the first day of your treatment, you can expect the aligners to feel tight on your teeth. This temporary and foreign feeling will go away shortly and will not come back with the switch to each new aligner.

Straightening your teeth goes far beyond your looks. It improves the health of your mouth by protecting against periodontal disease. When your teeth are not properly aligned, there is a higher chance of food getting stuck between your teeth. Over time your gums can swell and become irritated. Gum disease will cause cavities and even the loss of a tooth. Invisalign is a preventative treatment against the development of gum disease. When your teeth are in their proper alignment your gums fit more securely around your teeth and irritation lessens.


Treatable Cases


Until now, you may have been under the impression that Invisalign is only an option for mild cases of crooked teeth. However, Invisalign is capable of correcting a wide variety of both minor and major dental problems including overbite, underbite, open bite, crossbite, gapped and overly crowded teeth. Along with these misalignments, Invisalign can alleviate speech and chewing difficulties, jaw problems, and increased wear on tooth enamel.


Invisalign preferred provider


Beaverton TenderCare Dental is an Invisalign Preferred Provider. To become a preferred provider, we have proven ourselves to live up to a significant level of expertise in treating our patients with the Invisalign system. Our good rapport and patient success stories are what renews our Preferred Provider achievement each year. Please take a minute to watch our patient testimonial.

We will help you achieve the beautiful smile you envision. If straightening your smile is a financial burden, ask us about our payment plans. The start to your next smile is only a consultation away.

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