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50 Green Tips for Everyday Life

50 Green Tips for Everyday Life

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We’re committed to sustainable practices and green dentistry at Beaverton TenderCare Dental! Big or small, every action to protect our environment is important. We hope you incorporate some eco-friendly habits into your everyday life too!


Here are 50 green tips:

  1. Switch to energy-efficient light bulbs.
  2. Drink out of a reusable water bottle. We give every new patient a Hydro Flask!
  3. Check the power settings on your devices to ensure they actually shut down when you’re done using them.
  4. Buy green cleaning products or make your own.
  5. Turn off the faucet while brushing your teeth.
  6. Pay bills online and go paperless by choosing digital notifications.
  7. Recycle electronics like old cell phones, laptops, or televisions instead of putting them in the garbage.
  8. Bike or walk instead of driving when you can.
  9. Make sure your home is well insulated as you’ll use less electricity heating or cooling your home.
  10. Line-dry your laundry when possible instead of using the dryer.
  11. Unplug lights and electronics when you aren’t using them. They still use power when plugged into the wall.




  1. Keep some indoor plants in your home. They filter toxins out of the air naturally!
  2. Buy food from a local farmer’s market. The Beaverton market is the largest, all-agricultural market in the state of Oregon!
  3. Recycle cans and bottles.
  4. When brushing your teeth, use cold water. This saves water that would have been wasted waiting for it to heat up.
  5. Use towels to dry your hands or dishes instead of paper towels.
  6. Plant trees! Whether you volunteer and join a program or plant a tree in your backyard, it’s a great way to go green.
  7. Always run a full load of dishes and a full load of laundry.
  8. Start a garden in your backyard and grow your own vegetables. Having a windowsill or kitchen herb garden is green too!
  9. Reuse boiling water that you cooked food like pasta with. Let it cool then use that water for your plants.
  10. Limit your time in the shower and use less water.
  11. Choose a Christmas tree that can be replanted after the holiday.
  12. Unplug your washer and dryer when they’re not in use.
  13. Buy BPA-free toys for your children and pets.


ecofriendly tips


  1. Write your to-do list and calendar in a digital format, not on paper.
  2. Compost food scraps.
  3. Don’t use paper or plastic bags. Purchase reusable bags for shopping instead.
  4. Cut cotton pads and q-tips in half to reduce waste and make them last longer.
  5. Purchase a greener car over one that uses gas.
  6. Walk your dog with a canvas leash instead of a plastic one.
  7. Replace your showerhead and change to a low-flow one to save water.
  8. When grocery shopping, shop smart and avoid throwing food out and wasting it.
  9. Carpool when possible.
  10. Use a water filter to drink tap water instead of buying plastic bottles.
  11. When possible, cook with a pressure cooker over an oven as it uses less energy.
  12. Stop using disposable utensils or plates.


tips green ecofriendly


  1. Don’t use chemical sprays to make your home smell nice. Instead, try essential oils or natural herbs or plants like mint and lavender.
  2. Consider installing solar panels for your home.
  3. Donated used items or clothing instead of throwing them away.
  4. Read digitally or borrow books from the library.
  5. Dispose of household chemicals properly. Don’t just throw them away as they can do damage to the environment.
  6. Use cold water preferably when running your clothes washing machine. Your laundry will still get clean!
  7. Don’t waste food! Eat leftovers.
  8. Avoid dry cleaning when you can.
  9. Open your curtains and blinds! Take advantage of the natural light in your home over turning on lights.
  10. Choose ENERGY STAR appliances for your home.
  11. Create your own natural hair and beauty products.
  12. Fix things when they break instead of throwing them out and buying new.
  13. Buy organic and fair trade coffee.
  14. Set up a barrel to catch rainfall and use that supply to water your garden instead of the hose.

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