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Get an A+ in Sustainability This School Year

One of the things that makes Beaverton Tendercare unique is our sustainability. As a Green healthcare office, we have made reducing and eliminating waste, conserving energy, reducing pollution and hazardous materials a priority. These efforts have earned us a Gold Certification status as a #GreenDoc office with the Eco-Dentistry Association, the first in Oregon!




At Beaverton Tendercare we have gone to great lengths to ensure that we make a difference for the community and environment by upgrading the office with eco-friendly and sustainable features. But, what most are not aware of are small, daily habits that we have made which help make our office Green! Many that can translate to your family this new school year.

Big thanks to the Eco Dentistry Association for these Green Tips for back to school:

  1. Green Their Lunchbox: Ditch the brown paper bag and choose a lunchbox that are functional, fun, and eco-friendly!
  2. Offer reusable utensils: To-Go-Ware makes fun, bamboo utensil sets that come in their own handy sleeves. Bamboo is a great sustainable alternative to petroleum based plastics and To-Go-
  3. Ware’s utensils fit easily into small hands. Plus you’ll be supporting a company with a strong social responsibility focus.
  4. Forget the ‘Lunchables.’ Busy parents need quick, healthy alternatives to processed lunch meats and canned products loaded with sugar. Shop your local farmers’ market for seasonal goodies, and try adding cut-up fresh fruit instead of sugary desserts. Check out Tendercare’s Pinterest account for some fun lunch ideas for kids too!
  5. Start fresh with new oral care products. You know the toothbrush that came back from camp looks like it was used for craft projects, so have your kids pick out a new toothbrush as part of their back to school shopping trip. Preserve makes toothbrushes with handles constructed from 100% recycled plastic, and when it’s ready to be changed out in 3 months, kids can mail it back to be recycled. While you’re at it, let your child pick a toothpaste flavor they like: if they choose it, they’ll be more likely to brush. Tom’s of Maine has options that are fluoride-free and other non-toxic options substitute natural cavity fighting xylitol for fluoride.


Please visit the Eco Dentistry Association for more tips:
What does your family do to reduce waste? Do you opt for paperless bills? Buy in bulk? Use energy efficient light bulbs and low-flow faucets? There are so many ways that we, as a community can make a difference, and promote great habits for our kids. Leave your tip below and maybe we’ll feature it in another blog!

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