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Back To School Smile Supply List

If you came to this blog looking for things to add to your back-to-school shopping list, our actual list of store-bought items is fairly short:

  • A new toothbrush
  • Toothpaste
  • Dental floss
  • Anticavity fluoride rinse
  • A bag of lunchbox mints
  • A mouth guard for sports


Because you see, a Smile Supply List isn’t just about the tools you need to clean your teeth. It’s about nurturing the student behind the smile.

Many students are self-conscious of the way their smiles look. Whether you’re kid is in the 2nd grade and missing 2 front teeth, or your teen is entering high school and it’s time to get braces, their smiles are still developing.

By middle school, most kids have lost all 20 of their baby teeth and have a full set of 28 permanent teeth. By senior year of high school and through college years, kids will grow 4 more teeth called wisdom teeth in the back of the mouth to complete the adult set of 32 teeth (most will have these teeth pulled before they begin to surface).

Bullying or poor self-image can discourage students from showing off their smile. As a parent, the number one thing you can do is instill confidence in your children. Each smile is unique and wonderful!


kids smile at school


You can help them develop healthy teeth throughout the school years by making sure these items stay on the Smile Supply List no matter what grade they’re in:

  • A positive self-image
  • A nutritious diet full of calcium, vitamins and minerals
  • A habitual teeth cleaning in the morning and before bed
  • A dental appointment on the calendar two times a year


When your child is old enough, we’ll be here to talk with him or her about Invisalign and other cosmetic dentistry procedures to polish the appearance of the smile. Some students will refuse to get braces when it’s the right time because they are afraid of how others will perceive them. Teens are most concerned with the here and now. As a parent, sit down and explain the long-term benefits of teeth straightening. It’s important not to postpone teeth straightening because it’s “uncool” at school – it only gets harder with age!

If you have any questions to help get your student’s smile yearbook-ready, we’re here!

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