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Beaverton TenderCare Dental: Nurturing Your Smile Since 1974

Have you been to Beaverton TenderCare?

Here are some fast facts about our dental practice:

  • We’re located in a multi-unit urban location at 4095 SW 144th Avenue in Beaverton, Oregon. Our offices are conveniently near public transportation and we offer preferred parking for green vehicles.
  • Our office is warm and inviting. We strive to make the entire dental experience as relaxed and comfortable as possible for our patients.
  • We accept many forms of insurance. We’ll also work with anyone that may not have insurance, and we even have an in-house insurance plan.
  • A first visit to our office includes a review of your complete dental and medical history, X-rays of your teeth and mouth, and an oral exam. For more information about office visits, look here.
  • We’re an industry-recognized leader in providing eco-friendly dentistry. Some of the sustainable practices we use include reducing waste in dental materials and processes, going paperless with digital patient charting, utilizing high-tech, pollution preventing equipment, and using BPA-free sealants in dental procedures. For a full list of our eco-friendly practices, look here.
  • We offer a full line of preventative, restorative, and enhancement services for your teeth. Here are the services we offer.
  • Every new patient receives a Hydro Flask bottle as a gift for choosing Beaverton TenderCare. Hydro Flask is a company in Bend, Oregon, that makes high quality, environmentally-friendly, insulated water bottles. We like supporting Oregon companies that are doing their part to create a more sustainable world.


Still not convinced you should come to Beaverton TenderCare for your dental needs? Check out our 98.9% rating on DemandForce.com and read what people have to say about their experience.

From all of us at Beaverton TenderCare dental, we wish you happiness and good oral health. Choose us for your next dental appointment and we’ll Nurture Your Smile so you can look and feel your best.

Give us a call today: (503) 643-4719.

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