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The Benefits of Tooth Colored Fillings

At Beaverton TenderCare Dental, we pride ourselves on providing innovative and green dental care. This is why we repair cavities with tooth colored fillings called composite resin instead of silver fillings. We use this material to repair holes on the surface of your teeth that have been caused by tooth decay.


Composite fillings are better for the Earth and better for our patients!


Silver Fillings

Silver fillings, also known as dental amalgam, were commonly used for a long time, however they contain mercury and a mixture of other metals. The American Dental Association still supports the use of dental amalgams. Mercury has been shown to be dangerous in large amounts and while it’s a small amount used in fillings, we prefer to use alternate and safer materials. This allows our dentists and patients to feel comfortable knowing that there is no risk of exposure to toxins.


A Natural Appearance

When using composite resin, the filling does not stand out like a silver one. With a wide variety of colors available, it appears more natural and is difficult to spot since it matches the color of your actual teeth. Composite fillings adhere to any size, so they are only as big as your cavity needs. This is an additional benefit to the patient that composite resin provides a natural look. Over time, they won’t stain the rest of your tooth either – a risk associated with silver fillings.



Composite fillings adhere to your tooth at a micro level, making a strong bond. This helps to make the tooth stronger and repair its original structure. This material does not corrode at all over time.


If there is minor damage to your filling, it can be easily fixed with another composite. If there is damage to a silver filling in contrast, the entire filling would have to be replaced.


Decrease Your Risk For Cavities

While we understand cavities happen, the best way to nurture your smile is to do your best to avoid cavities altogether. Remember to brush and floss daily, eat a healthy diet, and visit your Beaverton TenderCare dentist every 6 months!



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